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The innovative Big Banger Hot Laps experience is a team effort combining the initiative of John Bowe, the support of Dick Johnson and DJR Team Penske, and the management and resources of the V8 Race Experience team.

"JB first suggested that we should go back to the future and create a nostalgic experience celebrating the golden era of the big bangers and asked Dick if he would like to be part of it.

With these two legends willing to share their passion and a team effort spearheaded by Harry Volkmann, who built the Greens’ Tuf XE Falcon replica, we’re humbled to be partnering with Dick and JB and proud to offering an authentic and exhilarating ‘Blast from the Past’ for our V8RACE clients and all fans of V8s and Australian Touring Cars."

Rod Dawson and Greg Evans
V8 Race Experience Partners

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