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V8 hotlaps in a Big Banger

Do you remember the golden era of Australian touring car racing?

The good ol’ days when it was possible for a privateer to take on the might of the factory teams. Those classic Ford versus Holden battles transforming Australian family cars into track racing icons. Their daring drivers, names like Brock, Moffat, Johnson, Richards and Grice, becoming household heroes.

Hotlaps with Dick Johnson

It was more about skill than money.

Hotlaps with Dick Johnson

It took more courage than sophistication to win the race to the chequed flag in these raucous, winged, flared, and wide-tyred Falcons and Commodores.

Ever dreamed about getting hot laps in one of these unmistakably raw and exhilarating muscle cars?

Now, thanks to living legends Dick Johnson and John Bowe, you too can become part of Australia’s “Big Banger” folklore.

Give a unique gift or shout yourself a hot laps or drive experience you'll always remember.

This authentic and unique 500 horsepower replica of Dick Johnson’s Greens’-Tuf XE Falcon is revved up and ready to give you a blast from the past at Wakefield Park, Barbagallo and Mallala Raceway.

And if you’re a true believer, you can co-pilot with Dick Johnson or his great mate John Bowe for breath-taking hot laps in Greens’-Tuf at the legendary home of the Sandown 500. And yes, (are you sitting down?) you can even go back to where man and machine staged the most death-defying feats on motorsport’s “Everest”, Mount Panorama, the home of the Bathurst 1000.

No rocks or trees included!

Hotlaps with Dick Johnson